Huo Jing cold when parents received, the message has been determined from Wei Jue there until the month of Gu Fifi center and they will divorce.


Ningxiu Zhi and Huo Defeng is wearing a black dress.

Ningxiu Zhi look tired, bloodshot eyes are.

The first place to jet lag has not reversed, they go to the cemetery is GU Yun Sheng.

Send flowers, Ningxiu Zhi looked at the black and white photographs, could not help the tears fall, to Gu Yun Sheng sacrifice a bunch of flowers, whispered: “The report we have seen, when we.
  That scent still stick in his lips.
  Scent upsets his body are hot, hurried down the windows.Blowing in cool air, the whistling sound, the wind whistling juvenile teeth: “No further entice I!”
  Qi Ying cold shiver, very wronged.
  She obviously did not do anything ah.
  A few days later, she was a little season to make it Bierbuxian.She a little closer to him some, he is like to be hot, like, a few feet away jump.
  Ying Qi just to be mad.
  When holding the historical papers from the office out of the classroom after nine classes, see the season to make big strong standing in the doo苏州桑拿网rway with a few bent joking, aggressive rush, take advantage of season let not react severely stepped on his foot.
  End stepped away, leaving him with a fierce milk milk fierce back.
  Ji also make a daze, Qu Zhuang several fast laughable: “Oh horizontal slot, so how are you brother fairies domestic violence, ah.”
  Gangster look complicated.
  Classes also could not quite serious, the half, could not help but kick Qu strong chair.
  Qu strong positive secretly playing the game, I thought the teacher came, scared to rush to plug the phone into the desk.Looked up, looked at his face season let him irritably, she asked: “You say that I do not often say that they are the kind of men and slag?”

  Twins are the people Yun Fu, of the check will be very familiar with, and sometimes can not know the half would end.


  Jiang Rou happy to accept it, She touched the body, did not touch the purse, then standing on Tingzikou Zuo order Hatano beckons.
  Qin Ye came, she asked: “what?”
  Rou Jiang did not answer directly pulled his waist pouch, pour half of the sugar pine nuts from the inside back to the composer twins.
  Gangster sharp eyes the moment he touched the withered purse, was a little Excitement.
  Zuoshen take his things Jiehuaxianfo?
  Rou Jiang Qin Ye secretly poked at the waist, smiling twins said: “I did not prepare other things, a little candy, sisters do not mind, such as a check will be finished, I asked the two sisters shabu child.”
  Classical Music song carefully put away the sugar pine, a little to pick two out, points to a song harps.
  Jiao Xiang candy into his mouth, from the tip of the tongue to the base of the tongue with both sweet.
  ”Out of the way, you come to Yun Fu, sister and I ask you the same meal.”Harmonious generous waved song.
  ”Want, want,” Jiang Rou insisted, “You come to me Well, just feeling magnanimous.”
  She does not like one accustomed to less human, not love taking advantage of people, but also cherish the sincere communication between people, good people to her one point, she naturally would also go back to two points, good, so is the emotion maintain the long-term solution.
  Sure enough, the song of band to listen to her say this, my heart is still very happy, raised mouth pressed down, and finally she hum or two, pulling the string and wind music away.
  To be both a walk, a wild grasp Qin poke his hand, snappily he said: “for even bring my stuff?”
  Jiang Rou pumping the pumping, pumping out a hand, she began to shamelessly: “pain, the younger brother hurt you pinc北京夜网论坛h me.”
  The little girl voice soft, like eating sugar pine, are made sweet mouth, like rain, waves with the kind of tone is very one can stand.

  ☆, chapter thirty-seventh envious


  ”Grandma says we go.”Chen Xi smiling on Li LaotaiRoad.
  There has been strong crowd outside the village, and when so many people came to the village?
  This is Li Laotai grandchildren?Ye bring so much good stuff ah!Touqiao distant villagers suddenly jealous, thirty-two get together whispering.
  Snacks, canned food, wine.Ah, this is too rich!
  Li Laotai suddenly be induced, eyes quickly swept around the door and saw several villagers, she quickly took a f北京夜网ew Chen Xi into the house.
  Lee did not finish the meal also placed in the yard, but this time who thought to eat!
  Chen Xi Li Laotai pulled it into the main room, also close the door, sit down next to a group of people one by one.
  ”Younger brother Sanmei, you guys are coming up soon called grandmother!”Chen Xi shouted back.
  ”Good grandmother!”Some little guy quickly move forward, under the leadership of Chen Xi’s bustling Laotai to say hello, he asked over good grandmother, uncle, aunt went to greet two.
  Li Laotai also attend to care about those things, and quickly Ai Ai agreed, happy to see this and feel that!
  ”Yeah we are taller!”Laotai eyes moist, remembered his short-lived daughter.She turned away and looked at Chen Xi: “Bitter you, kid.”
  Chen Xi smile: “not bitter not bitter, grandmother you put five younger brot深圳桑拿网her to me, he can sink!You look at these things together are not favored.”
  Li Laotai into the house did not put down five brothers, five brothers at this time it is still sitting in her arms.
  ”He was several kilograms of weight, my body good old woman yet, hold it moving!”Laotai Britain a Britain five brothers, look do not agree: ‘Also, I do not lack what you buy these things doing.’
  Chen sent a gift in a heap all fall on the table recently.
  Li Laotai Then and only then look to put the things on the table: a pile of Dacron cloth, four bottles of canned fruit, boxes of pastry, two packages sprinkle sugar cookies, two bottles of liquor cigarettes, a large plate pork.Eight hundred and seven broken things put a large table, put some things high, stacked on top of it, the emerging tip of a small!
  ”Grandma, I pick the fabrics are fashionable buy in town, this softest, said the elderly particularly comfortable to wear, I do not like to see you soon?”Chen Xi picked up a piece of cloth in front of my grandmother gestures.
  Li Laotai looking at things on the table, more and more scared, quickly pulled her hand: “Great Nier ah!You spent how much money these things?”
  ”Not much much, my first back money, buy something special to honor your.”
  ”You earn?”
  ”For ah, I sell soap earn.”
  Li Laotai think of soap, but: “That this is too much.”
  Yes ah, too much!
  Everyone thought only the idea, Lee did not dare to repairing the New Year so many things ah.

  Trademarks “bio-mech can not be found?That certainly can not be found, such as to change it back to fighting shape!”


  Boil so many days, until finally the last minute of recorded programs, staff morale recording room pick up, the general director directing you once again busy again.
  ”Remember, we need to shoot the soldiers of the Empire bravery in battle, but also highlight the main gold dads of product excellence.”
  General director encouraged a few words back, then turned around and opened the brain light bracelet, play a “Zerg laboratory assistant” to the central laboratory of the few people to initiate a voice call.
  ”You pay attention to what people inside!”
  ”Hapei he came hub.”
  ”Yes, he is now in the aisle!”
  ”Right right right, you first class he was coming in, slowly surrender hand over his head, then told him that the next process.”
  Face earnest exhortations director, “Zerg laboratory assistant” were also very firm: “Good!We must.”
  Voice suddenly disappear.
  Director: “Hey Hey.What happen to you guys?I also hear you speak???”
  General director raised his head with a look of senseless force.
  I saw the footage back instant photography bug screen, the Hapei like a burglary, robber-like, broke into the laboratory.
  Head carved stern, looked swept away.
  It’s back to being a call three “Zerg laboratory assistant”, it seems so innocent, poor, and weak.
  So he carved a big wings, “Zerg laboratory assistant” to be caught off guard overturned, burst through and suffered a hammer.
  ”I rely on.”General Director of panic that even director chairs sit still, he jumped for a stand, right hand holding rolled into a cylindrical paper documents, pointing to the front, like a stroke-like trem南宁桑拿ble.

  Ling for a former sea impression is not bad, but also not to mention how good it wants.His deadpan Enliaoyisheng, straight told: “Princess men need a group of reliable steward, your original family business for many years, this category of people should be a lot of it?”


  Former sea eyes light flash, hastened nodded and said: “There, there, the villain in the family, and several nephews talent is very good, the generals if necessary, the villain go back to their hometowns to write, let them quickly came.”
  Ling was a just looked at him blankly, coldly said: “As long as the officer loyal oriented, honest and competent, and to men to act princess, who must prostitute into the house, you may Ken those nephew?”
  Former sea a stiff smile, thinking that a few of their own unrealistic expectations nephew look, suddenly deflated.
  But he can not decide someone’s future son, his own son, he was able to make a decision.
  Tong Meng think that medicine first-hand ghost unpredictable, look at a glance you look at the front of the people can not help shake the darling generals, a former sea bite, decisive: “The villain’s nephew not I do not know if cherish it does not matter, there are three villains Bastard, can be a princess into the House to run errands servant.”
  ”Only three people can not enough.”Ling Grange a thought that one of his men found the Tong Meng name, while a headache, but also felt a great sense of joy.
  He previously interested in buying real estate, pavement, he saw the little girl is like to buy Grange, mountain, added together, this industry touches throughout the week large north and south, where where did miss.
  Former sea thought, said: “That villain go back and ask the steward of those men who think they have no home or family good children, willing to work out of, put people back together again bring you to go over?”
  ”People are used to the princess, you just bring back to look over the princess became.”Ling a cold glanced at sea an original, intelligent people do not think that he imagined, so he told of the sentence,” You need to remember that the government bring the necessary people loyal and reliable, if gone wrong, the officer you will get surgery, intelligibility?”
  ”Understand, understand, rest assured the generals, small understand.”Original sea nod as Daosuan.
  He can not understand it?This is when the poor to the princess, even if only the emperor’s goddaughter, that is to fly the branches of the Phoenix, not to mention Meng doctor there in front of people so a liver quiver fiance, future prospects could do worse?
  Ling a satisfactory pass the original sea, looked up at the sky, this time also know Meng Tong Not for him, then he turned to the west Kuayuan.
  Recent苏州夜网ly almost every few days there will be a group of people night raid Princess House, but also to the Ming Palace are killers.
  Honestly, Ling IQ of a two princes also quite admirable, which are more than a month, the Pipi killer sent over, each time as 肉包子打狗 never to return, partial two princes also like Like them on the bar, hit a brick wall does not look back, do not know that my mind is how long.
  Think of this crop, a Ling could not help raising his hand and rubbed his forehead.
  Before this palace is the lack of guards, can, into the house of the killer batch to this every day, and then one group is instigation, this trend continues, the West campus-wide people should live no less than.
  Most of Ming Palace killers are from all over the line and to the good people’s children, lost their parents or people around the be都市夜网ggars, orphans, if not born frenzied generation, Ming Palace after a brutal killer camp killings, no one I like to do the night of ghosts, living a life of knife-edge licking the blood.
  Ling Ming Palace there is a first person to do this example, there is one public offerings before the house of Qinghai and other killers who own experiences, those new and old killers came to the assassination of Princess House simply will not be too happy.

  ☆, 605 years

  Li Dingkun whole person suddenly sat up, removed his seat belt, and some want to get off in a hurry.


  Xiao Zhao did not know what the situation, quickly pull over the car stopped.
  Edge of the road, Liangsi Bo Shao instrument was holding the hand of Ting, imploring him: “The instrument ting, you give me another chance.Believe me, I’ll turn over a new leaf.Do you know how to treat others is a woman’s right to divorce?No one will accept you, except me.”
  Liang Sibo slowly become a firm tone, yes, Ting Shao instrument with him after the divorce is certainly unfortunate.
  ”I Lv!Take your dirty hands off!”
  Li Dingkun rush over, just to hear the words of Liang Sibo.He kick fly kick towards Liang Sibo in the past, this person is owed to fight!
  Two months, Li Dingkun knew not a street beggar Liang Sibo, he is Ting Shao instrument’s ex-husband, also a personal slag.Ting Shao instrument in time and with a large repair Mansion, Li Dingkun long ago fell in love with Ting Shao instrument, so he began to focus on their dress, I hope to become a worthy instrument Ting Shao look.
  The goddess turned his mind again and again by this slag man entangled, Li Dingkun struggling together and Liang Sibo.
  See the situation here vigorous Xiao Zhao rushed over, opened Liangsi Bo Li Dingkun and at the same time, did not forget to severely stepped foot Liang Sibo.
  He hated this man like Liang Sibo, shameless!
  ”Instrument Ting sister, are you okay?”Jiangxia and Flo came over, pulled Ting Shao instrument stood far.
  Ting Shao instrument wry smile, then he arranged his own messy hair.Since Liangsi Bo was released, he would come to their own almost Gesanchawu.Liang Sibo she can feel more and more thick skinned, more shameless.
  ”I’m fine, let you worry about.”
  Suddenly, Li Dingkun shout out words so stiff body Ting Shao instrument.
  ”Liang Sibo, I warn you, do not harass instrument Ting, she’s my fiancee.If you later re-appear in front of her, I see a play once.”
  ”fiancée?Ting Shao instrument, you give me make it clear, when you mix together.No wonder!I said he rushed out how that will help you, you have been hooked on the original!”Liang Sibo remembered the first time I saw Li Dingkun scene.
  Snapped, Ting Shao instrument walked over to the Liangsi Bo a slap in the face.
  ”Do you think someone else is like you bear?You know yourself what you like now?Even the trash in the garbage are not as!I see you feel sick!”Extreme anger, Shao-ting this instrument is the first time such a gaffe.
  Li Dingkun distressed pull off the hand of Ting Shao meter blew, “the next th苏州桑拿ing I do hit, do not hit your hand to hurt.”
  He looked hard at, let go after blowing instrument Shao Ting’s hand.
  Ting Shao meter away from the lead, the others naturally, did not need to stay.
  Liang Sibo Ting looked Shao instrument together with them boarded the white Ford car, he sat on the ground.Pointing around him blind.It turned out that fall into hell but a second time.
  On the car, Jiangxia found Ting Shao instrument of a broken finger, is bleeding.
  Jiangxia quickly find a wound paste, paste to help her clean up after the wound.
  Sitting in the co-pilot seat Li Dingkun not nervous, although he has that aspect of the meaning of Ting Shao instrument, but never confession.Today say those words in such a situation, do not know the instrument Ting Shao will see how he.

  A fish pen knelt in front of a few documented wrote these words, such as spring and autumn snake earthworm.


  Against crooked word, and Xiao Yang Yu’s face is no false satisfaction, calligraphy in a day, scholarship for two months, can be written so that rapid progress has been.
  A fish slight apprehension: “I write for yet?”
  ”Yes”, do not skimp on praise Xiao Yang, sister such a situation is most in need of encouragement, “negligent complex word, sister remember one day, I was also worse than.”
  A fishing chuckled, eyes bright.
  Xiao Yang: “Do you know what this idiom mean.?”
  A fish back, persist in the end, unrelenting perseverance than Yuyou Heng heart.
  Xiao Yang nodded: “One thing to be successful, must persevere.”
  A fishing and smile, I was thinking, when will this day end ah!
  Blink of an eye, she went to the outside capital.A fishing tour’s looked him up, nursed back to health in time is still short, although described as better than just met a lot can be too thin or weak, indifferent wins in temperament, not make people feel petty.
  Yu’s painfully thin shoulders touched A fisheries, away from home more than a inconvenience, now returned, she can take her daughter’s body conditioning, the loss of her strength to make it up a few years ago.
  ”In another half an hour to get home, Today your father Hugh Mu, also at home.”As we speak, then it is a sense of the carriage suddenly stopped.
  Xiao Yang reined horse, floor stand, before trotting to the oncoming team, towards two 深圳桑拿网on horseback dressed in uniforms dressed young Zuo Yi: “the second son, eight son.”
  A foot fishing stir up the curtains, look fretting, the young brown cloak on horseback not exactly Prince Gong, now just an ordinary name Prince.
  Move eight Prince of sight next to him wearing a black cloak youth, Jian Mei Star project, Hsiao Sa romantic, this number of people the impression that there was no.
  Second son?
  It seems that hapless Prince short-lived, died landslides, it said to the corpse was only after two weeks of excavation dug up, appalling Sizhuang.
  After his death, Princes pot melee, Prince Gong’s stand, soared.
  Prince Gong and have to say good luck to Xiao Ya Jun couple people jealous.
  A fishing Mount Mount the chin, caused the death of beauty, is simply a throwaway, more importantly, how can cheap Prince Gong!
  Original body go to the extreme, it is true reasons of their own character, but also contributed to bullying of Prince Gong.
  Yu’s also saw the distant Prince and eight-Prince, White Dragon see two fish clothes, their side is the women, they did not get off Jian Li, just smile nod.

  Because the store taste great relationship, so how many girls are not willing to come to eat, much less willing to eat dating.


  Lin Han said, “Actually, I’m just looking for a shop just came.”
  ”That really is it destined.”Su Shen said with a smile.
  Two people and chat, Su Shen Me and feel that they may be true, and it was particularly interesting to talk each other.
  Lin Han’s also the way to account to the knot, and now Lin Han also did not pocket a few cents, Su Shen to help her she certain杭州桑拿洗浴ly had no objection to the checkout.
  But she had some good Shen Qi Su her know this is not it?She said, “where you work it.”
  Su Shen scratched his face, said, “In a real estate company.”
  Su Shen of this world and the world is the same, to work in a company, but not the same as Su Shen did not know her.
  The world’s Han Lin did not estimate how the company went.
  She also turned to reports, in addition to her parents died of reports, very little about her, as if someone deliberately undermine her sense of presence.
  Han Su Lin and Shen are not prepared to go to Internet cafes, but for money to buy a computer, she did not go cafe.
  The past just make a little money can go, hope that the world do not change the original setting, Han Lin child should never buy bitcoins.
  After Lin Han Lin left home to do a new card before the cards are not all in use.
  In the Internet cafe found a corner, then landed familiar account, you can still find a landing.
  Suddenly between Han Lin on relief.
  The time now than before she moved back when sold quite a long time, so Bitcoins have dropped a little, although down about two hundred billion to sell should also be.
  Lin Han one night to find a big one transaction, selling it off to go home quietly after hundreds of thousands, after all, it is still not very safe here, and then sell the rest to go home.
  In a mall store because the store recently on the relationship between a bag, so Qiaowan Yao come here to see, I did not expectHere we saw a familiar figure.
  When she was back to the cattle and horses for a long time, Lin Han never respect her.
  But now is not important, it’s nothing of the Han Lin.
  She rolled hand ring went in and said, “This shop but do not accept second-hand goods, what are you doing?”
  Her lips with a hint of mocking smile, then spoke so.

  After years of a language into Kam.


  She really wrong.
  Then she brazenly trampled the autumn marriage Zhuang language.
  Now, her marriage was Shangxiu Jie and another woman trampled with impunity.
  This is her punishment.
  Shangxiu Jie of red blush in vain, staggered into a very exciting.
  She should know.
  ”Shangxiu Jie, you giveI am an honest, I either Kurtis daughter, would you marry me divorce?”Peixin Tong would like to know, Shangxiu Jie sort of 上海夜网love for her is derived from her family background.
  Shangxiu Jie embarrassed, “You think my.”
  Obedient head, and her family background has nothing to do, but Peixin Tong has not believe her, that female students is not what a poor student.Really clever, again and again, Shangxiu Jie are falling in love is more powerful than the current woman.
  Peixin Tong deep look at this Shangxiu Jie, intentional or not worth, nothing more, she do not care.
  Pei Xintong out divorce papers, “I do not want anything, as long as the little girl.This is your home, the little girl is not suitable for life.Well, even if you disagree, I grab steal worth mentioning Ye Hao, will take away the little girl, I do not trust you.”
  Looking at the decisive Peixin Tong, Shangxiu Jie students over the body cold, gratuitous panic, “glowing, I was wrong.”Shangxiu Jie began to beg Pei Xintong give him another chance.
  Peixin Tong indifferent, inadvertently saw the newspaper on the table, eyes a condensate, she grabbed the newspaper look, more and more incredible, this is the village Autumn language she knows it?
  Yangzhou people, divorced.A little bit of information on the identity right, Peixin Tong heart give birth to enormous absurdity.
  Zhuang Autumn language donate one hundred thousand silver dollars to the government for the construction of primary schools in Jiangsu.Self-taught, the majority of professors, Shu Yan cosmetic shareholders.
  After leaving Shangxiu Jie, because she had better.
  Pei Xintong all tastes in the heart, a moment lift eye look more complicated than looking at her Shangxiu Jie, suddenly laughed, “Shangxiu Jie, you are not regret it?”

162 Chapter 20 Republican women Xiatang
  Regret it?

  After the counter has been responsible for Ting Shao instrument, Zhao returned to Jiangxia around dutifully became a driver and bodyguard.


  Jiangxia had asked him at the counter or is willing to stay with at his side, Xiao Zhao’s answer is the latter.Mika counter manager just a task for him, and now the task is completed naturally he should go back to the original post.
  Sophie group and Jiang Jinsheng play after two weeks they intend to go back home, they still misses home, the size of things.Be able to come to Beijing for a visit, they’ve been very satisfied.
  Jiang family brother and brother’s children still in force, they entrusted the child to safely land his family.He said to send their children to school and so on before coming back on the line.
  Jiang Jiang father and mother during this time in Beijing, but also know how busy Lu Shaoyang.Lu family of Jiangxia is really good, and they know Lu Shaoyang busy for their own career, and there is no resentment of son.
  ”Sciascia, let’s go back.So you have a baby, the mother came to take care of your confinement.”Sophie hugged Jiangxia group, happy, looking at her daughter, she was also less worried about.
  ”Ah, things have telephone contact, do not reluctant to telephone charges.”Jiangxia sniffled, she want to cry.
  Flo pull off Jiangxia hand, “Sciascia, do not cry, we advance to the relatives by marriage to take over.Or a few months, and you can see your mother.”
  Sophie away group and Jiang Jinsheng, Jiangxia depressed for several days.
  Unconsciously, her morning sickness reaction much smaller, only when brushing your teeth in the morning nausea and vomiting, the other is just fine, some better appetite than before.
  Xiao Zhao has given way to family sent three boxes of orange over green, Jiangxia love of sour more and more.
  She and her mother would normally do at home with a small number of children clothes and little shoes, Flo Jiangxia the whole process of pregnancy are recorded in the form of photographs.
  Therefore, even if Lu Shaoyang work no matter how busy, he can also see the photos are done when Jiangxia Ping.
  In a yet a picture, Jiangxia stomach drum up significantly.At the end of the summer, Jiangxia has five and a half months.She walked more slowly, the pace more and more like a duck.
  Troops sent to military training little ones have come back, three children Jiang family is Mika’s sales staff on the way to take back home.
  Although they are black, but the temperament to go with before troops completely different, as if suddenly grown up.
  Jiangxia somewhat distressed to see the front of their own Liu Ruan, “how skins are drying out layer?Nguyen, I’ll give you color Ling aunt call and let you do a factory for children’s skin whitening cream.”
  ”Sciascia, do not worry, I’m not at all hurt the.”Liu Ruan sparkling eyes looking at the stomach of Jiangxia,” I can do baby to touch?”
  After Jiangxia smiled and nodded promised, Liu Ruan carefully put his right hand up.
  ”Yeah!He kicked me!”Liu Ruan just feel fetal movement, a face full of surprises.
  Lu Haiming next looked anxious, he wants to feel the baby kicking is how I feel.
  Jiangxia looked up and saw Lu Haiming expression, beckoned towards him, “Hai Ming, come here, you want to play with the baby say hello to you?”
  Lu Shaoyang home to see Ruan and Liu Lu Haiming is squatting on the ground, close to the belly of Jiangxia scene to talk to the baby.This scen杭州夜网e, so he removed the whole body fatigue.His gentle eyes fell upon Jiangxia, his big baby hard.
  In the evening, Jiang Xiati a change of clothes into the bathroom.
  Lu Shaoyang uneasily behind, “or else I’ll wash it, you alone can do it?”